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How to Make Your Building Project Environmentally-Friendly

Everyone should be doing their part for the environment as even small changes will make a big difference to the condition of the planet. If you’re taking on a domestic building project or you’re a construction company, there are a few ways that you can make environmentally-friendly choices.

Here we explain three practical ways that you can make your project a little greener.

Use local services

Using local services in your area can contribute to lower carbon emissions compared to hiring service further afield. From nearby skip hire companies to waste disposal and local aggregates, there are plenty of options to utilise close by and choosing local services will raise the local economy and support smaller businesses. These services are also much more convenient and could speed up the finish date of your project.

Find sustainable materials

Swapping raw materials for recycled aggregates and other sustainable options such as bamboo and straw can protect natural resources that are being used at a faster rate than they’re being replaced. Recycled aggregates are a popular alternative within construction as they are the same quality as new aggregates, but are more cost-effective and better for the planet as they can be used again and again.

Recycle your waste

Every bit of waste you create is your responsibility to get rid of, not only does this prevent unnecessary items going to landfill but it ensures as much rubbish is recycled as possible. Hiring a skip means you can throw away your debris and waste as it gathers, the skip hire company will then collect your skip and sort your waste so everything gets recycled – who knows, your waste could be made into recycled aggregates for other businesses!

Here at Black Country Skip Hire, we provide a range of skips to domestic and commercial clients across the West Midlands region. Our convenient skip hire service means your project doesn’t need to be put on hold. With excellent customer service and affordable prices, get in touch with our team today and find out more.

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