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Why Budget Skips are a Great Option

Hiring a skip is undoubtedly the most convenient way to deal with large volumes of household or commercial waste disposal. While it may not be necessary for daily waste management, it is a huge help on certain occasions such as moving properties or home renovations.

Getting rid of huge amounts of rubbish is not easy, especially for those living in an area with specific legislation around waste management. Hiring a waste management company is the best way to avoid any penalties and ensure that you’re following all the necessary rules. A good skip hire company will also ensure that your waste is being disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

If you’ve never hired a skip before, you may not be aware of where they’re best used and how much skip hire costs. Read on for the several reasons why budget skip hire is a great option for certain situations and how to find cheap skip hire:

Skip hire is a safe way to dispose of waste from a construction site

For those building or renovating a domestic or commercial property, budget skip hire can be the safest way to deal with waste. The skip hire cost is more than worth it as you’ll be able to protect your staff members from any hazardous waste that is left lying around.

Remember, any accidents on your construction sites could lead to legal action from workers which can end up costing you much more in the long run. Man workers may also refuse to work on a building side with leftover glass and metal waste that could result in injury.

Skip hire cost is a worthy investment to save you time and money

Cheap skip hire services can actually save you money in the long run. If you try and deal with large volumes of waste yourself, you and your staff may end up losing a considerable amount of time that could be spent working on your project instead.

Hiring a budget skip company is the quickest and most cost-effective way to deal with the waste. A team of waste management professionals will have the necessary experience and expertise to deal with the waste efficiently for you.

You can find budget skips in a range of different sizes

Skips are available in different sizes, and a professional skip hire company will be able to recommend the one best suited for your needs. Here are some of the different types of budget skips that we offer at Black Country:

  • Mini Skip: 2 cubic yards of waste. This size is ideal for garden clearance and garden waste.

  • Midi Skip: 4 cubic yards of waste. This size is ideal for household clearance and garden waste. It’s a great choice for any smaller home renovations, and you should easily be able to fit old bathroom doors and kitchen cabinets here.

  • Maxi Skip: 8 cubic yards of waste. This size is ideal for bigger residential building jobs.

  • 8 yard enclosed skip and 16 yard enclosed skip: These enclosed skips are a good choice for heavier and bulkier waste disposal requirements.

  • Roll on Roll off skips: Ideal for industrial construction jobs.

If you’re unsure which skip size is suitable for your needs, just get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to advise. If you’re looking for cheap skip hire, keep in mind that traditional skip sizes tend to be much cheaper than Roll on Roll off skips. However, RoRo skips are necessary for waste disposal of a certain size.

Skip hire is the most environmentally friendly method of waste disposal

The best skip hire companies will comply with all the waste management rules and regulations pertaining to the environment. The skip hire cost is a worthy investment to ensure that your waste is being disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

In the current day and age, businesses that aren’t environmentally friendly in their practices are running the risk of losing customers. Consumers are now less likely to engage with businesses that aren’t using sustainable methods of production and waste management. Other than the obvious benefits for the environment. this also provides you with another financial reason to opt for budget skip hire.

Skip hire is easy to organise

It doesn’t take long to find a number of local skip hire companies in your area. Find the best one for your needs by getting a few quotes from different suppliers. Remember not to make your decision based on price alone though. It is imperative that the company is able to provide a reliable and efficient waste management service that is completed quickly. A company that carefully adheres to all waste disposal rules can actually save you money in the long run.

You can reduce your skip hire costs by following the tips below

If you’re looking for cheap skip hire, follow the tips below to keep your costs down:

  • Make sure that you’re booking the right skip size for your needs

You’d be surprised how many customers initially request a skip that is way too large for their needs. Any professional skip hire company will inform their customers of the best size for them, but some may try to benefit from their lack of knowledge by upselling to a bigger size.

It’s also important not to book a skip that will be too small. All that will happen is that you will need to hire a second skip to fit all your waste into, which will end up costing you significantly more in the long run. Find a reliable skip hire company that you can trust to recommend the right size for you.

  • Book your skip as far in advance as possible

Try not to leave your skip hire booking to the last minute. You’ll find that most quality budget skip companies get booked up quite quickly. If you have clear timelines for your project, get your skip booked well in advance so you can get the most competitive price.

  • Create more room in your skip by recycling what you can yourself

Certain items such as clothing or plastics are easy enough for individuals to recycle themselves. Keep your skip hire costs down by taking any recyclable items to the recycling point yourself. You can also donate items such as old clothing to your local charity shop. A few trips in your car could save you considerable space in your skip for those larger items which require the expertise of a professional waste disposal company.

  • Don’t go over the weight limit

Some skip hire companies will charge extra if their skip is overloaded. Each skip has a limit and the initial quote will be based on that. Be realistic and transparent about the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of so you can get a budget skip that is sufficient for your requirements.

  • Factor any permit costs into your budget

If you don’t have enough space for a skip to be parked on your premises, you will need a parking permit. Any good skip hire company will inform you of this and they’ll also be able to help you apply for the permit. There may be a cost associated to this permit so add this into your budget and you’ll know exactly how much you need to spend in total.


Looking for a reliable cheap skip hire company in Bilston?

At Black Country Skip Hire, our team has more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the provision of skip hire services across the region of Bilston. We will be with you throughout every step of the process to ensure that what we provide is suitable for your needs.

We’re also prompt and punctual and will ensure your skip is delivered on the day you need it. It is worth shopping around to get a few quotes before you decide on the local skip hire company for you.

If you’ve received a quote from another company, get in touch with us on 01902 494 452 or 01902 408 383 and we’ll see if we can beat it.

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