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7 Ways to Stop Your Bin Smelling

If you have a general waste bin at home or at work, you’ve probably noticed that it gets a little smelly from time to time. This is to be expected, given that you’re throwing in all kinds of day-to-day waste, but it’s never a pleasant experience. In this article, we will show you how to stop your bin smelling with seven quick and easy tips to reduce or eliminate those unpleasant odours.

1. Clean your food packaging

Assuming you have a separate bin for food waste, much of the smell coming from your general waste bin is likely to come from remnants of food stuck to their packaging. Not only are these liable to rot, but their scents mingle and combine into something truly unpleasant. Cut the smell off at the source by rinsing food packaging thoroughly before throwing it in the bin.

2. Line your bin

You should always use a heavy-duty bin liner for any general waste bin. Not only does this make it easier to empty into your wheelie bin or workplace dumpster, it also means that odours from previous loads don’t linger in the bin. For food waste bins, you can line them with old newspapers to make them easier to clean each time they are emptied.

3. Empty regularly

Speaking of emptying, don’t wait for your bin to overflow before emptying it. Take your rubbish out frequently to prevent the unpleasant smells from building up and getting worse.

4. Wash and disinfect it

You should wash and disinfect your general waste bin at least once a week—more if it needs it. Wash it out thoroughly with hot, soapy water or a weak bleach solution, then spray it down with an anti-bacterial spray for good measure.

5. Keep it out of direct sunlight

Hot weather causes waste (particularly food waste) to decompose quicker, adding to the nasty smell. Not only that, hot waste bins soon become a breeding ground for flies and maggots, so be sure to keep your bins clear of direct sunlight.

6. Use bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of soda is a cheap, easy, and effective way to reduce bin odours. Simply sprinkle some of it over the base of your bin, and it will absorb all but the most pungent of smells. Of course, you’ll still need to wash and disinfect your bin regularly to get the full benefit

7. Use cat litter

Cat litter is another great way to reduce unpleasant smells; after all, if it can handle what comes out of your cat, it can tackle what goes into your general waste bin. It works much like the bicarbonate of soda, absorbing smells and liquids from your bin. Unlike bicarb, however, it should not be used in recycling or food waste bins.

How to stop your bin from smelling: final thoughts

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