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What You Need to Know About Hiring a Skip in the West Midlands

At various times throughout your professional and domestic life, you’ll need to hire a skip. When you have excess rubble or you’re doing a renovation, the only way to safely dispose of it is skip hire. It seems like a simple thing to do but before you look into local skip hire, answer the following questions and follow our tips to make the process as easy as possible from start to finish.

Where are you going to put it?

Before the skip arrives, and even before you order it, it makes sense to decide where it’s going to go and if there is enough space for it. There are some things to consider. If the skip is going on public land in Bilston or Wolverhampton you may need a permit, and there’s also the risk that people may fly-tip into it. Placing it on private land is the preferable option, but it may not be possible. Remember that the truck also needs access in order to place the skip and remove it safely. Your skip hire company will be able to organise a permit if required.

Is it safe?

If the skip is going on an open road where there’s traffic, then you need to have the necessary precautions for road users. Wolverhampton City Council can advise on road permit requirements and traffic cones and safety lighting will be required. These can be provided by a good skip hire company too.

Will it damage the ground beneath?

If you’re placing a skip in your driveway, do consider the impact it will have, particularly if you’re throwing bricks and rubble that can become very heavy. Putting down some wooden boards can help prevent damage.

What sized skip do you need?

Ordering the right sized skip is important. There’s no point paying over the odds for a skip that holds 8 cubic metres when there are mini skips that could accommodate your needs. But you can’t have your skip overflowing either, and you don’t want to have to order another of the same size again, so get your estimate right. The best thing to do is ask your local skip hire company for advice as they deal with it on a daily basis.

How much can I put in my skip?

Skips can be filled to the top level of the container. Don’t overfill it as this will cause it to exceed its legal weight limit and present serious safety issues for anyone around – including the driver. This can also incur extra fines and charges for removal of any excess waste.

What kind of items can I put in the skip?

Be careful of the kind of material you’re putting in the skip – for instance, no hazardous materials or waste are allowed, this includes asbestos, tyres, car batteries and fridge/freezers. You can talk to your local council about removing these items safely.

Can I burn items in my skip?

The simple answer is no. It is illegal in Wolverhampton to burn rubbish in your skip. It is against fire safety guidelines and it can damage the paintwork and the skip itself so you will be liable for costs for repair. This can also contravene environmental laws so you may be prosecuted.

Your skip hire agreement will lay out all the terms so you can ensure you don’t breach any local legislation or requirements.

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