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What Are Your Options For Rubbish Removal?

When it comes to removing rubbish, there are a few options to choose from depending on the type of waste you have. It’s important that you think carefully about disposal to ensure that you’re acting responsibly and getting your waste moved in the most effective way.

In this blog, we discuss your top options for rubbish removal.

Skip hire

If you have a mix of waste and materials, skip hire could be the best option for you. Available in a range of sizes, you can fill your skip with rubble, wood, plastic, green waste and more. Professional skip hire means the skip is delivered to your location and collected at a time that suits you, so you haven’t got to worry about arranging this yourself and your rubbish will be sorted by the company too.


For household items such as old furniture, why not donate them to a charity or give them to family and friends? Just because you no longer have use for something doesn’t mean that other people can’t put it to good use. Donating older items is a good way of being sustainable and ensuring that nothing gets wasted, so always ask around or donate usable items before throwing them away.

Recycling centres

Perhaps you’re looking to save money, well taking your rubbish to the recycling centre is one way of disposing of it. If you are getting rid of a small amount of domestic waste, recycling centres may cater to your needs, however, if you have large volumes of rubbish this could take a long time and not everything can be recycled.

At Black Country Skip Hire, our services are available for domestic, commercial and industrial clients. As the leading name in Bilston skip hire and rubbish disposal, Black Country is a family-run business that puts high-quality service and the heart of all we do no matter how big or small. Get in touch with us today and find a skip that suits your needs.

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