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The Top Five Strangest Things Found in Skips

It’s not unusual to see skips on the roadside or on a worksite, yet, some of us like to use skips as a way of getting rid of weird or incriminating stuff. As a skip hire company, we see our fair share of unusual rubbish. However, nothing quite compares to these oddities found in skips around the globe.

Priceless art

It’s unusual to see a priceless piece of artwork outside of a gallery, let alone in a skip, yet, this is what happened to set of five pieces of art found in a skip in Paris worth a whopping £100 million.

Sadly, they were not found in particularly good condition as the thieves who raided the Paris Museum of Modern Art confessed to destroying them in an attempt to throw off the police’s scent – unfortunately, we’re still yet to find something this valuable in one of our skips.

A coffin

In 2007, residents of Norwich were shocked to find what they would soon find out to be a coffin dumped in a skip on their street. The skip, situated on the busy Old Palace Road, was quickly checked by the police who, thankfully, found it empty. However, it is still unknown just who left it there and why.

A Guinea pig

As companies that work primarily with lifeless rubbish and rubble, it can be a bit of a surprise to come across any critters. Yet, this is exactly what happened to county council workers came across a petrified guinea pig in a landfill skip in Oxfordshire.

The rightly terrified and soggy animal was taken in by Janet Whitmore, who had been running a nearby compost workshop.

World War 2 artillery shell

Now here’s a find that could have very easily come to an ‘explosive’ end. Back in 2006, to skip drivers in Cornwall came across WWII artillery shell in one of their units. A bomb squad was quickly called, only for them to find that the bomb was still very much active and currently sitting next to a petrol station.

If it had been able to explode, it would have sent dangerous shrapnel flying over a huge area, but luckily, the bomb squad had it covered.

A caravan

Although we pride ourselves on taking a variety of rubbish off of our client’s hands, a fully intact caravan might be a bit of a stretch, yet, for a Newport skip hire company, this is just what they found.

Sitting precariously on top of an otherwise empty skip, the skip hire team that came across the caravan first thought it was a joke. However, it was soon found that the client wasn’t joking, saying that caravan wasn’t explicitly on the banned item list.

Needless to say, the caravan didn’t leave the site.

Black Country Skip Hire – the waste collection experts

Although, it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll take away your priceless art or unexploded artillery shell, our team is on hand to help you get rid of your excess rubbish quickly and efficiently. Helping countless happy customers with their waste issues throughout the West Midlands, Black Country Skip Hire is a name you can trust.

For more information on our skip hire services, visit our website or get in touch with our team on 01902 494 452.

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