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The Consequences of Bad Waste Management

At what point do you consider skip hire? It should be part of your overall waste plan and it shouldn’t be something that you do just because your rubbish is becoming a nuisance. Hiring a skip should be a planned activity that is a part of an organised approach to waste management. There are many reasons that you should have a plan in place, because bad waste management can have some dreadful consequences. Black Country Skip Hire take you through some of the reasons why local skip hire whether for your home or business.

An organized approach to waste management will result in the following:

It keeps the area clean and fresh

No one likes the sight of piles of rubbish, so whether you are letting it stack up outside your property or even around the back of it, it’s causing an eyesore to someone. Also, after awhile things begin to rot so the stench will increase, especially with all the warm weather we have been having. People are far more impressed by a clean, tidy area and it will reflect on what they think of you as a person or business if there’s a smelly pile of waste in proximity to your premises. This effect on your reputation can be hard to reverse so having a proper waste management plan is simply a way to protect that!

It protects against fire hazards

Much of the waste we produce is flammable – from paper to packaging, wrappers, newspapers and wood, even gardening waste. In the warm weather over the summer, a cigarette butt thrown onto normal household rubbish ignited a blaze that spread across a number of homes in the UK – can you imagine if this happened to your premises?

Protects against health risks

Piles of rubbish attract unwelcome visitors from flies to cockroaches, ants to rats. These creatures carry disease such as hepatitis and typhus, so you don’t want them near your customers or children. Invisible germs in your waste can cause skin and eye infections such as scabies and conjunctivitis so having a good waste management plan in place is really just a part of protecting your health.

Electronic waste, which is increasing annually, can be a huge threat to your health too. Certain devices contain toxins that can contribute to liver and kidney damage as well as impaired mental development so they are very dangerous as they begin to break down.

Protect animals

Rubbish affects animals too. By now we know that our oceans are polluted with waste but if you leave your rubbish lying around cats, foxes and birds can get caught in bags and packaging and they can also choke or suffocate on items in your rubbish. Do wildlife a favour and dispose of your waste properly.

Better for the environment

Badly managed waste can lead to environmental problems such as water and drain blockages, stagnant water and damage to local water or soil. Also, when waste decomposes it can produce greenhouse gas, which has already impacted on climate change.

Minimise the risks

Ways to reduce the risks caused by poor management are by recycling as much as possible, and talking to a local skip hire company about regular visits to clear up your waste.

For safe, responsible and cheap skip hire call Black Country Skip Hire today on 01902 494 452 or 01902 408 383 or book online.

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