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The Benefits of Skip Hire for Commercial Premises

It’s a necessary, but usually quite irritating, fact of business life; getting rid of excess rubbish that can build up is essential for your operation to run smoothly. Although it’s important, it doesn’t mean it’s ever particularly fun or easy. Waste management is a dirty, costly and time-consuming affair and if you’re caught disposing of your rubbish in an unethical manner it could land you with a big fine.

With this in mind, it’s in your best interest to find the most efficient and ethical ways of disposing of all the waste on your commercial premises. Although it may not have crossed your mind, investing in quality skip hire can cost much less than other waste disposal methods and is arguably the best way of getting rid of large amounts of rubbish quickly and easily. So, if you’re despairing over starting the annoying task of commercial waste disposal, here are a few reasons why skip hire may be right for you.

Skip bins: The cost-effective option

Although it may seem like a relatively cheap task to carry out, ridding yourself of commercial waste can quite easily leave you with a hefty bill at the end of it. For starters, if you’re spending all day going back and forth to the tip, you’ll likely start to notice you’re spending more and more time at the petrol station. Excess payload weight is the single biggest factor affecting your fuel economy, so the more you try to cram in your vehicle, the more petrol you’ll end up wasting. You can also find yourself on the wrong side of the law if caught with a vehicle exceeding its ‘Maximum Authorised Mass’ as it can pose a variety of safety risks when on the road.

It’s also important to keep in mind how much you may be charged by directly sending your waste to a landfill. Since April 1st 2018, the landfill tax for businesses has been raised to a total of £88.95 per tonne of waste created, which can quickly add up if you’re making a large amount of rubbish. Also, as the old adage goes, time is money. Every day you or an employee spends lugging rubbish to the dump is time that could be much better spent working on your business.

With skip hire, however, you needn’t worry about mounting fuel costs or time wasted. In hiring a skip for your waste disposal, your chosen waste management company will make the whole process infinitely more convenient. After deciding how long you’ll need the skip for, they will simply place it where you need it and, after you have finished filling it up, will stop by and pick up your rubbish to dispose of it for you. Customers can usually pick from a range of different skip sizes, from mini models which are great for quick cleanups all the way to 16 cubic yard skips which can host an extremely high volume of waste and are perfect for large-scale commercial waste disposal. Therefore, you can be sure that however much you have to get rid of, there’s a skip to fit your needs and budget.

For those looking for something on an even larger scale, roll on roll off (RoRo) skip hire is a viable option. These large skips usually come in 25 – 35-yard sizes, making them the best option for extremely high volume waste removal operations.

Environmentally friendly alternative

As rubbish begins to build up around your property, it can be easy to simply pile everything up and take it down to the tip just to get it out of the way. However, although it may seem to be the easy option, you may be contributing to the wider problem of irresponsible waste disposal in the UK. As landfills continue to fill, leading to a huge 18 million tonnes ending up in them every year, and with a staggering 17,000 reports of fly-tipping in the Wolverhampton area alone, it’s becoming more important than ever to responsibly dispose of your waste.

As a business, you also have a level of responsibility when it comes to your waste disposal. Regulations such as the WEEE directive are primarily focused on the meticulous monitoring of electrical waste build up and require companies to follow strict guidelines when disposing of E-waste. If you find you’re not working within the government regulations, you could find yourself in trouble with the law. Outside of the law, not disposing of recyclable waste may also affect your brand image, as many customers look extremely unfavourably on businesses not doing their part for the environment.

However, with a skip hire company, you can be sure that your commercial waste is dealt with in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Instead of spending time laboriously picking through your rubbish to ensure you’re recycling as much as you possibly can, your chosen skip hire company can efficiently dispose of whatever recyclable material you may have. They will also follow the various government regulations put in place to ensure you’re not breaking any rules, giving you peace of mind that you’re helping to protect the environment and saving yourself from any unnecessary fines.
It can be a bit daunting to know who’s best to deal with your rubbish in an environmentally friendly manner. To make sure you’re working with a reputable skip hire company, check to see if they are licensed with the Environmental Agency. These licenses allow companies to legally dispose of waste and must adhere to a strict set of rules in order to retain their status, making it an important check for any prospective customer.

Safety in skip bin hire

Let’s face it, getting rid of your rubbish is a dirty, time-consuming process. However, if done incorrectly, it could potentially be a very dangerous one as well. Items that may be broken or leaking can be a real hazard to your safety when disposing of them. Also, without a contained space to throw rubbish into, bin bags and other piles of waste can build up and cause trip hazards around your premises. Having these hazards not only puts you and your other personnel in danger but could affect your business as workplace injuries may lead to costly legal action.

With this mind, a skip can help to drastically minimise workplace accidents and keep you safe. You can simply throw all of your rubbish into your chosen skip negating the need to split rubbish up into parts, reducing the risk of injury. And, with a dedicated container for your waste, rubbish won’t end up being left around the premises, making your workplace a safer environment for all.

There are, of course, a few things to remember when disposing of your rubbish in a skip. First, make sure to load your rubbish responsibly; overfilling your skip can lead to waste slip-off and could injure someone. Also, consider where the skip may be placed and who it may affect. If your skip is going to be stationed in a public space, ensure your skip hire company has the correct safety and hazard equipment necessary for the job.
The Black Country’s skip specialists

Although getting rid of your commercial waste can be a pain, Black Country Skip Hire can make the job of getting rid of rubbish a breeze. We have been in the skip hire business for over 25 years and have helped countless customers throughout the West Midlands with their skip hire needs. With our range of services, from mini skip hire all the way to roll on roll off containers, you can be sure we have the right skip for the job and will endeavour to dispose of your waste to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

For more information on how we can help, visit our website or get in touch with our friendly team at 01902 494 452.

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