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What Size of Skip Is Suitable for a House Clearance?

Whether you’re decluttering your home, getting rid of some unwanted items prior to moving house, or emptying out a rented property as part of an end-of-tenancy process, a house clearance can result in a lot of rubbish. Waste material and hoarded items have a tendency to build up more than you might expect, to say nothing of getting rid of larger items like appliances and furniture. That’s why most people who take on a house clearance project hire a skip for the job.

But what is the right size of skip for a house clearance? Obviously, that will depend on the extent of the project and how much rubbish you need to get rid of. In this article, we’re going to take a look at four of the most common skip sizes for domestic clearance projects and advise you on how much household waste they can realistically hold.


Mini skips

Mini skips have a capacity of 2 cubic yards, making them ideal for smaller clearance jobs. They are perfectly suited for garden and garage clearances, as well as clearing out a single room in a property. On average, a mini skip will hold between 25 and 35 filled bin bags. Mini skips are also small enough to be deposited on your driveway, meaning you won’t need a permit from your local council.

Midi Skips

Midi skips are a popular all-purpose skip for larger house clearances. With a capacity of 4 cubic yards, they can hold between 45 and 55 bin bags of rubbish. This makes them a great choice for end-of-tenancy clearances, where the tenant may have left personal belongings, but all furnishings are set to remain in the property. They are also the ideal size for getting rid of kitchen and bathroom units if you’re renovating those rooms in your home.

Maxi Skips

Maxi skips are intended for full-house clearances of a multi-bedroom property. At 8 cubic yards, they can hold between 75 and 85 bin bags of waste material. That includes plenty of room for furniture and appliances, as well as rubble and building materials from major renovation or extension projects. They can also be used for domestic landscaping jobs if you need to dispose of trees, planters, topsoil, and so on.

Builders Skips

As the name implies, a builders’ skip is commonly used in the commercial construction industry, but it also has its uses for some of the largest domestic house clearances. If you are completely stripping out a multi-storey property, these 12-yard skips are ideal, capable of holding larger pieces of furniture with ease. It’s also good for major construction work, such as fitting a new roof or adding an extra storey to your home.

Size of Skip for a House Clearance: Final Thoughts

However large or small your house clearance job is in Bilston, Wolverhampton, or elsewhere in the West Midlands, you can find the ideal skip at Black Country Skip Hire. We promise a fast turnaround on all skip orders, including an immediate pick-up service once the task is complete. Call the team today on 01902 494452 or 01902 408383 to discuss your requirements and get the right skip for the job.

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