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Is Hiring a Skip a Practical Waste Disposal Solution for Businesses?

It is inevitable that all businesses produce waste, and most will be looking for a way to reduce their output of waste disposal. Some businesses may produce large volumes of waste, but even for small-scale businesses, it pays to reduce the amount of materials that are discarded because it can decrease business costs too.

Reduce Landfill, Reduce Costs

Whenever a business gets rid of waste, they also have to pay for it. Local skip hire is one solution that businesses can opt for in order to cut back on the amount of waste they’re producing that reaches landfill sites. Hiring a skip means that a lot of the materials a business disposes of will be recycled, with some cases meaning there will be 100% recycling rate, depending on the materials.
This is good news for businesses, as recycling more waste would see a reduction in waste disposal charges, not to mention the benefits this has to the environment. Hiring a skip also doesn’t cost as much as you might think. A lot of businesses may pass off the idea until they realise that a skip can be hired from as little as £114.

Hassle-Free Disposal

There is a lot of convenience with skip hire too, as they can be left in place for as long as you need, until full, and then will be collected. A delivery and collection service provides a lot of benefits to any business looking for a practical waste disposal solution.
Skips also come in a variety of sizes too. Many businesses believe they won’t be able to fill one, and so they don’t think it’s entirely necessary. In this case, we recommend to our customers to start with our ‘mini skip’, which is sized 2 cubic metres. However, we find that most of our customers who opt for this size fill this size of skip to capacity quickly! We offer double-sized ‘midi’ skips, and double again ‘maxi’ skips.

Our point is, no matter how large or small your business is, you’re bound to find a skip size that is most suitable for your needs.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management

In order for a business to reduce its carbon footprint and disposal costs, it is essential to try and ensure that as much of the waste put into a skip is recycled. However, it is likely that some of the waste will end up in a landfill. Nevertheless, you can dispose of practically everything your business would need to get rid of on a daily and weekly basis by using a cheap skip hire. However, you should also realise that some items, such as hazardous waste and electrical items, unfortunately, cannot be disposed of in skips.

If you’d like to get in touch with us to talk about our waste disposal and collection services, Black Country Skip Hire are based at Unit 16b, Withy Road, Bilston, West Midlands, WV14 0RX.

You can also give us a call on 01902 494 452 or 01902 408 383. We provide waste disposal and recycling all over the West Midlands, including Bilston, Wolverhampton, and Walsall. Alternatively, you can send us a message by using the contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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