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How to Order a Skip

From garden landscaping to extensive building jobs, there may come a time where you need a trusted skip hire service to help with your renovations. As an expert skip hire company in Bilston and the wider area of the Black Country (West Midlands), we understand how daunting it can be to order a skip and realise you may have many questions about the process. Below, we offer a step by step guide on how to order a skip, from information on skip sizes and questions you might need to ask your selected company before you place your order.

Situations where you might need a skip

Commonly, many people believe that skip hire is only for construction sites or can only be hired by builders to help with their work. Let’s explore what situations you might need a skip:

  • Home improvements – whether you’re in desperate need of a new kitchen or looking to add an extension, a skip is a useful tool for collecting any unwanted furniture, flooring, rubble and much more.
  • Gardening – skips are perfect for collecting garden or landscaping waste such as greenery or broken patio stones.
  • Office/shop renovations – if you’re looking to upgrade your shop business or renovate your office to accommodate more staff members, skips are great for collecting all manner of waste including bulky furniture.
  • Construction/industrial sites – larger skips are commonly found on construction and industrial sites which are on hand to collect any rubble and unwanted building materials.

Skip sizes

There is a range of skip sizes available for various purposes and environments, including domestic, commercial and industrial settings. They lend themselves to a lot of different projects and are incredibly effective at collecting waste that could otherwise compromise your operations or contribute to a hazardous environment. Whatever you choose to use your skip for, here is a run-down of the most popular skip sizes:

Small skip hire

Smaller skips are well-suited to domestic projects, and medium-sized skips are classically known as “builders” or “maxi” skips due to being generally found on construction sites. If you’re thinking of hiring a small skip but are unsure of which size you might need, here is a breakdown of each one:

  • Two cubic yard skips – also known as “mini” skips, these two yarders are perfect for domestic renovations and any garden projects. Some companies can offer three yarders too, also falling under the “mini skip” category.
  • Four cubic yard skips – this skip has the capacity to accommodate approximately 40 large bin bags worth of weight and is known as a “midi” skip. This one is well suited to kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as more major gardening projects.
  • Eight cubic yard skips – Known as the classic “builder’s skip”, both a six or an eight-yard skip are the most frequently hired skips in the UK due to their versatility. An eight-yarder is suitable for bulky waste and can accommodate approximately 60-80 larger bags. These skips are commonly used for heavy waste and can be used domestically for bigger refurbishment or large garden projects. They can also be used commercially and in the construction industry.

Large skip hire

However, if you need a bigger skip, some waste disposal companies offer large skip sizes such as:

  • 16 cubic yard skips – these are rarely used for domestic projects and, instead, they are commonly hired for commercial and industrial sites. They are useful for collecting large amounts of waste, rubble, wood, metal etc.
  • 25 and 35 cubic yard skips – known as roll-on roll-off skips or “RoRos”, the 25 and 35 yarder skip are both some of the largest skips available to hire. These are suitable for collecting a large volume of waste, such as shop fittings, excavations, demolitions, construction and industrial work. RoRos can accommodate 220 to 320 bin bags.

As well as larger skips, various other types of skips can be available, from enclosed skips to drop door skips.

Questions to ask your local skip hire company

How long can I hire it for?

If you think the job will be lengthy and will require a lot of work, or you only need a skip for a single day, you’ll want to know how long (or short) you can hire a skip for. Fortunately, skip hire services are incredibly flexible. Many companies can accommodate from anywhere to same-day drop off and pick up from a few weeks of hire time.

Some can offer flexibility in their delivery and collection too. For example, if you fill a skip over a week, but continue to need a skip for the next week, a reputable company will be able to collect your full one whilst dropping off a new and empty one.

What can’t be put into a skip?

Another important factor to consider is what waste you’re looking to dispose of. This is essential because certain materials and items aren’t able to be collected. So, if you’re planning to chuck paint pots into your skip or throw out some worthless electrical items, you might have to think before you tip. Here are some examples of items that are restricted:

  • Computer monitors, TVs, consoles, fridges, freezers etc (known as WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – there are certain companies you can go to for recycling your electronics)
  • Asbestos and plasterboard
  • Paint, petrol, gas canisters and batteries
  • Tyres
  • Medical waste such as needles

A general rule of thumb is that if its an item that could be harmful, don’t put it into your skip. If you have any questions regarding what can and can’t go into a skip, talk to an expert in waste disposal for advice.

How much does skip hire cost?

Fortunately, skip hire is cost effective. If you’re looking for affordable skip hire services, opt for a skip hire company that is local to you – as well as cost-effective, the service will also be convenient. By the time you arrange your rubbish and transport it back and forth in your own vehicle, you could end up spending a lot of money on petrol and damage your car in the process.

Are there any legal regulations I need to follow by hiring a skip?

So, you’ve decided on which size to hire and you’re ready to book it in but now you might be wondering if there are any legal rules and regulations you have to adhere to.

If you don’t have a driveway or any private land, the skip may need to be placed onto the road which means you’ll need a permit from your local council – for those in Bilston or located in the Black Country area, try the councils of Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall. Without a permit, you could be fined, which means you’ll incur more costs and hassle. However, most skip hire companies can arrange a permit on your behalf, which eliminates any extra trouble for you.

Black Country Skip Hire – professional skip hire services in Bilston and beyond

Once you’ve worked out all the details and asked your questions on how to hire a skip and what it all entails, the process is completed by a simple phone call or email. If you need more advice or wish to talk through your skip hire needs with an expert, give Black Country Skip Hire in Bilston a call.

With 25 years of experience in the skip hire and waste management industry, Black Country Skip Hire offer a wide range of skip sizes from mini to roll-on roll-offs. As well as skip hire, we also are comprehensive waste disposal experts and recognise the potential recycling value of your waste.

For more information on how to order a skip or any advice on sizes, regulations and costs, contact one of our friendly team to discuss your needs today.

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