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Domestic Skip Hire: What you Need to Know

Hiring a skip is a great way to dispose of a huge amount of rubbish all at once. Skips are often used for projects such as a home renovation or large scale or gardening and landscaping work. In simple terms, if you’re going to generate lots of waste or gardening rubbish you’ll need a skip – and here at Black Country Skip Hire, this is something that we know a thing or two about.

Where can I place my skip?

This very much varies on the size of the skip, essentially there are two feasible options; on your property or on the drive or pavement near your home. Do consider the fact that you’ll need a space big enough for the skip lorry to drop off and pick up the skip. These vehicles can be as wide as 9-10 feet and may take some manoeuvring, remember that they are much heavier than your car, especially when picking up a loaded skip, but you need to discuss access with your chosen skip hire firm beforehand.

Do I need a permit or permission

Whether you require a permit or whether you don’t, this will vary on the location you’re based in. It’s always ideal to find this out early on as in some areas a skip placed on a road will require a permit. You have to ensure that your skip is legally placed.

Other points to consider

Think about the weight of the rubbish you are disposing of, for example, 8 bin bags of garden waste will weigh more than eight bin bags of household material so discuss this with your skip hire firm before booking the skip. Moreover, skips must always be loaded level so they can be safely transported on the road. Lastly, consider that there are some types of waste that can’t be put into skips, for example, paints, solvents, fridges, TVs, monitors, car tyres and more. These products and materials which may be hazardous to people and the environment.

Here at Black Country Skip Hire, If you’re looking for an affordable yet trusted skip hire service in Bilston, then Black Country Skip Hire are here to help. We’ve helped a range of clients successfully dispose of their waste in a safe and easy way. To learn more or book your skip hire – contact us today.

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