In today’s society, most things seem to be disposable. It’s fine to get rid of many items, but there are a few things you should not be tossed in the rubbish. It can still be used or may even be valuable.

1. Old T-shirts

Those shirts that you once loved but now have holes or stains should not go in the rubbish. Cut them up into usable squares and use them in place of paper towels. They’re soft for cleaning and absorbing water well, making them ideal for cleaning up your counters and sink. You can also rewash them and they won’t unravel, since they’re made of t-shirt material.

2. Excess Paint

Keep that extra paint from your home improvement projects around. You can put it into smaller containers that better suit the amount, but don’t throw it away. That paint can be very useful when you get scratches on the wall or need to paint over a child’s drawing.

3. Old Copper Wire

Did you know that copper can be rather expensive to purchase? You can easily collect the old bits and bobs that you find around the house and sell it for scrap instead of getting rid of them in the rubbish.

4. Furniture

Do you have a sofa that you no longer want? Instead of putting it in the rubbish, consider selling it or donating it to someone interested in reupholstery. They can turn it into a perfectly useful piece of furniture and you save something from going to the landfill.

5. Blankets

Do you have a blanket with a hole or stain on it that is no longer useful for you? There are many animal shelters where blankets are in high demand. They use them to help create cosy places for the animals to sleep and stay warm. They’re also used to wrap animals so they can be handled easily for procedures that would otherwise be very frightening.

6. Excess Wood

Do you have bits of wood from a DIY project or construction job? Instead of throwing the smaller pieces away, consider asking a school if they would like it for their woodworking programs. Often, children who are learning woodworking skills can use the smaller pieces to make items.

7. Food Scraps

Every home ends up with vegetable peelings and eggshells, as well as assorted other food waste. These can be quite the mess in the landfill, but if you take a few minutes to set up a composting system, these waste items can be turned into rich soil for your garden.

Even if you do manage to keep things out of the rubbish, there will always be more that you need to eliminate. Consider hiring a skip from Black Country Skip Hire the next time you need to get rid of a load of rubbish from a cleanout or project.