Are you planning a bit of a clear out over winter? It might not be a bad idea if you are! Lots of surplus waste can build over the holiday season and it’s a perfect time to assess what you have and what you no longer need. With this in mind here is our mini guide to having a winter clear out!

Get organised

When planning your pre or post seasonal clear out, there are a couple of things to consider. Where are you planning to clear or make space? What are the specific items you are clearing out? For example, if your loft is overflowing with old junk or debris, it might be worth starting in that area. If you know for a fact you have larger or bulkier items in your loft, then you know that renting a skip is a worthwhile investment.

Consider environmental factors

At Black Country Skip Hire, we have a solid reputation for waste recycling and removal. If you know that skip hire is the way to go, it’s important you think about your impact on the environment too! We make sure that the majority of what we take away in our skips will be recycled using our local facilities.

It’s easy to feel like you’re perhaps not doing the best you can by using a skip and throwing things out, however, when items are being responsibly removed and even recycled you can rest assured you’re doing all you can.

Be realistic with your clearout

Once you’ve achieved the bulk of your clearout and are feeling satisfied with how it turned out. Once you have carried out your declutter, think about carrying out a few changes at home that you will actually be able to maintain. This may include investing in some good storage solutions that will permit you to keep all your things more effectively organised and perhaps think about a new rule that means you have to sort through your household items semi-regularly. As well as this, visit charity shops recycling as much as you can.

The classic rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it for a long time, say up to a year, you can go without it. Often you’ll feel so much better for doing so!

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