When you have large amounts of waste to dispose of that won’t all fit into a skip, you may be wondering what your next option is. Roll on roll off skips are large waste containers used to dispose of high volumes of waste. Individuals and businesses can both make use of these practical waste disposal units. They are frequently used on construction sites because of their ability to carry large amounts of waste.

Advantages of roll on roll off skips

  • Bigger choice of size and load – Roll on roll off skips come in a variety of very large sizes so that you can choose the right one for your site. This means you don’t waste money on wasted space but you still have a skip large enough to fit all of your waste into.

  • Disposal of large bulky items – If you consider those large items that are difficult to move, roll on roll off skips make it so much easier to dispose of. Big household items like fridges, beds or sofas can be put in these skips and the waste disposal company will appropriately recycle them where they can.

  • Safer work site – You can keep your construction site tidy and safe with a roll on roll off skip. This is because the waste will get put in the appropriate place while keeping the rest of your site clear of potentially dangerous items.

  • Smoother worksite projects – Hiring a roll on roll off skip will help your site become more efficient because all your waste is taken away with one single unit. Rather than having several smaller skips, a larger one leads to fewer delays because the skips can be filled and taken away immediately.

Things to consider

While a roll on roll off skip is a great option for many sites, you need to take some time to consider if this skip is the right choice for you. One main consideration is that of space. Because a roll on roll off skip is so large, you need to ensure you have enough space to accommodate them.

As well as having enough space to have a roll on roll off skip on site, you also need enough access for the delivery vehicle to get in and drop it off. A large vehicle is used to deliver and collect the skip because of the weight they are, particularly when filled. So make sure you’re aware of how much space you will need. If you’re unsure, you can speak to the skip hire company and they will be able to guide you on the right choice to make.

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