Skip hire is more than just calling a company and asking for a skip to be delivered. You should be aware of the relevant regulations, licences and permits that may affect you. However, you can speak to your skip hire company and they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Here’s what you need to know about skip hire regulations, licences and permits.

What is a skip permit and when do you need one?

If you’re planning on placing your skip on a public road (including the pavement), you need to acquire a skip permit from the local council. Skip permits help to control how many skips are placed on public roads as they take up space and may cause inconvenience to the local area by impacting parking and traffic flow. If you don’t obtain a skip permit you will be liable to a fine and the skip could be removed at any time. You won’t need a permit if the skip is placed on private land such as your driveway or garden.

How do I apply for a skip permit?

Most skip hire companies will take care of the permit application on your behalf as long as they are aware that you are intending on keeping your skip on public land. Some councils, however, require the actual person paying for the skip to order it themselves.

How much do skip permits cost?

The cost of your skip hire will depend on where you are based in the UK. The average cost is around £30 and if the skip hire company is organising the permit on your behalf, they will add the permit cost to the overall price of your hire. They may also add a small admin fee to the cost.

Skip permit rules

There are some regulations you should be aware of when getting a permit such as:

  • Location – It cannot be sticking out into the road or blocking any entryways.
  • Skip dimensions – Some councils have requirements for the size of the skip that can be placed in certain areas.
  • Paint – The skip needs to be a bright colour (such as yellow) to be visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Care and disposal of its contents – You must be careful about what you put in the skip and ensure there is no mess left around on the road or pavement.
  • Lighting and markings – The skip will need appropriate lighting and road markings around it.
  • Duration – It cannot be left on the road for longer than the license permits.

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