Skip can be a very convenient and cost-effective way of removing your waste and because they come in a range of sizes, you can pick the right skip to meet your requirements. Below are four situations where you should consider hiring a skip!

Driveway Renovations

A common use for skips is for installing new driveways. More often than not, the old driveway needs to be disposed of which involves removing a lot of unwanted material. Because this material is usually heavy and messy, it’s a solid option to rent a skip – this will avoid damaging your car or worse, yourself. Plus, you won’t need to worry about sorting the waste into types because this is done by the skip rental company.

Garden Waste

Garden waste is another area where hiring a skip would be particularly useful. Rather than filling your home garden bin, which is unlikely to have the desired capacity, hiring a skip is a much more convenient option. This is primarily because all organic waste can be thrown away via a skip and it all gets sorted and organised by the skip hire company once it’s been taken away. You’ll likely only need a small or midi skip, which hold 2 and 4 square yards respectively, but if you require a larger option then Black Country Skip Hire has a range of skip types available.

End of Tenancies

As it comes to the end of your tenancy, whether you’re a student or not, a central task is the proper disposal of unwanted household items and rubbish. Many people moving out opt to do ‘skip trips’ but these take up time, make your car dirty, and can result in multiple trips. On the other end of the spectrum, others choose to fly-tip which can result in fines and penalties both from the council and from the letting agents. The third option is to simply leave these belongings and rubbish and to risk losing your deposit. When faced with these options, clearly the most cost-effective over the long term, and the most convenient one, is to hire a skip for a couple of days.

House Renovations

The core reason house renovations call for a skip rental is that these renovations usually involve removing a lot of different types of waste. Whether this is old wood infrastructure, cavity wall parts, floorboards, paving slabs, the kitchen sink… you name it! However, you should keep in mind that plasterboard cannot be put in a skip with mixed waste so it must be put in a plasterboard bag instead.

Skips are a very useful way of removing waste in a number of situations. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, moving out of a property, or have a lot of garden waste, hiring a skip can help to avoid multiple tip trips in your car and are a much more convenient option.

If you have any further questions about hiring a skip or would like to know about any of our other services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Black Country Skip Hire by calling 01902 494 452 today!