Skip hire is a convenient and effective way to dispose of waste; whether you’re moving house, clearing out the garden or planning a construction project. Skip hire is relatively straight forward but there are some important rules and regulations to be aware of. Failure to follow the rules can damage the environment and you could incur a fine, so see below to find out more about important skip hire rules and regulations.

Where should I place my skip?

You can place your skip on a private driveway or path, as long as it doesn’t block utility access or restrict access to driveways. You need to keep your skip at least 15 metres away from junctions and you’ll need a skip permit if you’re placing the skip on a public road. You cannot place a skip on the pavement, even if it’s outside your house.

Do I need a skip permit?

If you’re placing a skip on private land, you don’t need a skip permit (also called a skip licence). If you’re placing the skip on a public road, you’ll need to obtain a licence from the local council before ordering the skip. You may also need to place safety lights and markings on or around the skip. Failure to obtain a licence or use the required safety markings can result in a fine of up to £1,000.

You can apply for the skip permit yourself but in most cases your skip hire company can apply on your behalf.

What can’t I put in my skip?

Skips are suitable for a wide variety of waste but there are some types which cannot be placed in a skip. You could be fined or charged an extra fee, so it’s important to know what can and cannot be disposed of in a skip. Forbidden items include tyres, batteries, fridges, asbestos, oil, chemicals and paint. If in doubt, contact your skip hire company before disposing of your waste.

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