We all know that recycling our waste is a necessary part of the week at home. However, the positive impact of recycling can sometimes feel disconnected from the actual act. To help you understand the positive impact on the world that your home recycling can have, we’ve listed just four of the material benefits.

Recycling Conserves Natural Resources

One of the major benefits of engaging in recycling at home is that it helps to conserve natural resources.  By recycling materials like wood, paper, plastic, metal and glass, less of it is made and the finite resources of the earth are protected.

Recycling Saves Energy

As well as conserving natural resources, recycling also conserves energy! Creating products from recycled materials, as opposed to new materials, saves huge amounts of energy. For example, creating new aluminium from recycled aluminium products saves as much as 95% energy!

It Is a Cheaper Process Than Disposal

Recycling isn’t just about saving the environment, there’s a financial benefit to doing so as well. Recycling and reusing materials actually cost less than disposing of them. Never mind the environmental cost of disposal, businesses and councils can save on capital as well!

Recycling Protects Animals and The Environment

Finally, and most importantly, recycling products can protect the environment and animal habitats. Many habitats are being plagued by plastic waste which does not degrade for hundreds of years. This waste can harm animals as well as the environment. Also, with less need to mine and harvest new materials, environments are left alone rather than exploited for resources.

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