Whether you’re hiring a skip for a domestic spring clean or you’re disposing of your commercial or industrial waste, hiring a skip is the perfect way of getting rid of your waste properly. But with so many different types of materials being put in one place, there is a risk of getting hurt if you don’t take precautions.

In this blog, we explain some of the best ways you can stay safe when using a skip.

Load the skip properly

The way you load up the skip can reduce the risk of accidents. Heavier items should always be put in first with lighter items packed around them, putting heavier items in last means they are more likely to fall out. You should also lay things flat when you can so they don’t fall out and hurt you. Ordering the right size skip will help with this, so don’t try and overfill the skip.

Don’t throw away dangerous materials

Not all items and materials can be thrown in a skip, so make sure you ask the hiring company before you start. Hazardous chemicals, asbestos, pressurised containers and car batteries are just some of the items that may have restrictions, especially if they’re sitting in the skip for a long period of time.

Use safety gear

When you’re lifting broken items you could end up cutting your hands or other parts of your body, which could need stitches. Always wear safety gear such as gloves, boots and goggles to protect yourself from getting hurt as flying debris could hit your eyes or you could drop a heavy item on your feet.

Lift carefully

If you’re moving big and heavy items into the skip, make sure you’re lifting the in the right way to minimise the strain on your back, legs and neck. Bend your knees and hips to squat down, keep your head straight and don’t lift anything above your head. Don’t attempt to move anything that you can’t manage or if you’re struggling.

Here at Black Country Skip Hire, based in the West Midlands, we have a range of skips of all sizes available for hire at affordable prices. When you hire a skip from us, we will deliver and pick up the skip with no fuss, sorting your waste in an environmentally friendly manner. For more information get in touch today.