If you’re currently looking for local skip hire for waste disposal purposes, you may be a little confused about the different skip sizes and types available. You may also be wondering which skip is the right one for your specific requirements.

Of course, you can reach out directly to your local skip hire company with any questions and they’d be happy to recommend a skip to suit your needs. But if you’re looking for waste disposal for large volumes of waste, have you heard of roll on roll off skips?

Roll on roll off skips (also known as RoRo skips) are the next step up from a traditional skip. They’re essentially ‘truck attachments’ that can carry huge volumes of waste at one time and unload with ease at the other end. They’re known to be ideal for construction and industrial companies that may have large amount of waste that they need to dispose of. However, they’re also frequently used for residential customers looking to get rid of large items.

There are a number of advantages of using roll on roll off skips for waste disposal, especially for certain industries and organisations.

Here are five reasons why you may be in need of a roll on roll of skip:


RoRo skips are perfect for large amounts of waste disposal 

While standard skips may be adequate for smaller residential waste jobs, you need a roll on roll off skip if you’re looking to dispose of waste from commercial or industrial premises. RoRo containers come in a range of sizes, ranging from 15 – 40 yard capabilities. At Black Skip Hire, we offer RoRo skips in 25 yard and 35 yard capabilities – more on that below.

In terms of frequency, you don’t have to get into a contract with your local skip hire company to arrange a large waste disposal using a roll on roll off skip big. If an industrial organisation is planning to dispose of waste on a regular basis, they can factor RoRo’s into their annual waste disposal budget and negotiate a better price than a one-off disposal.

However, it is also possible to arrange RoRo skip hire on a one-off basis. This is much more suitable for residential customers, who may just need it every few years, for instance when they’re looking to move house.

Whether you want to arrange waste disposal for a factory or for demolition purposes, you’ll be able to find a roll on roll of skip to meet your specific requirements. There’s no better way to deal with large volume of waste disposal.

You can get in touch us to discuss your specific needs. RoRo’s will be transported to your site of choice via purpose built trucks. The schedule for removal and change-over is flexible, as it all depends on how quickly each container can be filled up.

Is your waste recyclable? No problem, we can remove it and transport it to your nearest recycling station. We’re an environmentally friendly company and are dedicated to ensuring that all waste is disposed of in the correct way. Thanks to years of experience in the business, we’ve come across all different types of waste and can recommend the right waste disposal method for hazardous materials as well.

While RoRo skip bins can remove almost all types of waste, any hazardous waste will need to be disposed of in the proper manner. If you’re unsure and want to find out before you arrange your skip hire, you can also find out the best way to rid of any hazardous products by referring to an experienced waste management organisation.


Roll on roll off skips are often the most cost effective waste management method

Landfill is getting more and more costly. And as environmental laws become stricter, you may find waste disposal becoming pricier and more difficult to manage. If you are part of an organisation that produces a vast amount of waste on a regular basis, it’s likely that RoRo skip bins are the most economical option for managing it.

If you have specific requirements and want to book a regular frequency of waste disposal, you may find that negotiating an ongoing contract with your local skip hire company could be more cost effective than arranging one-off disposals. Once you’ve found a skip hire company in your area that you’re happy with, it makes sense to stick with them as they will gain a good understanding of the best way to manage your waste and dispose of your specific product.


RoRo skips can be loaded with a huge amount of waste as they unload easier than traditional skip bins

Since roll on roll off skips are actually attached to a truck, they’re much easier to unload than traditional skip bins. This is the feature that makes it possible to carry large volume of waste material in one go. A standard skip bin needs to be overturned and therefore has a limit to its capacity. With a RoRo skip, there is a tipper door and they can be unloaded without any need for lifting equipment. This is a more efficient process of unloading large amounts of waste and also makes the transport itself easier.

This also means that you can get roll on roll off skip bins loaded up to the max and save the multiple trips that a traditional style of skip bin would necessitate.


You can also get a roll on roll off skip for domestic waste disposal purposes

Although the most common use for a RoRo skip is for industrial waste disposal, there are also a number of reasons why you may need them to dispose of items around your home. For instance, any heavy materials such as very large furniture items can be disposed of with this skip size.

Keep in mind that any hazardous waste materials will require the use of an enclosed roll on roll off skip. This includes items such as old television sets, refrigerators or other large kitchen appliances that you may wish to dispose of. Give your local skip hire company a call and they will be able to recommend the best disposal tactics of any items of this nature.


Roll on roll off skip bins are available in different sizes to suit your needs

To give you an idea of the right skip size for you, here at Black Country Skip Hire, we offer two types of RoRo skips:


  • 25 Cubic Yards: These are suitable for residential waste, shop fitting, excavations, demolitions, construction and industrial work. Their dimensions are as follows: H 5’5” (1.70m) x L 20’6” (6.30m) x W 7’8” (2.40m). They can hold approximately 220-240 bin bags of waste.


  • 35 Cubic Yards: These are also suitable for shop fitting, excavations, demolitions, construction and industrial work. Their dimensions are as follows: H 7’9” (2.41m) x L 20’6” (6.30m) x W 7’8” (2.40m). They can hold approximately 300-320 bin bags of waste.


Are you ready to book a roll on roll off skip?
At Black Country Skip Hire, our team has more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the provision of skip hire services across the region of Bilston. We can ease the process of RoRo skip hire in Bilston, and will be with you throughout every step of the process to ensure that what we provide is suitable for your needs.

We’re also prompt and punctual and will ensure your skip is delivered on the day you need it. It is worth shopping around to get a few quotes before you decide on the local skip hire company for you. If you’ve received a quote from another company, get in touch with us on 01902 494 452 or 01902 408 383 and we’ll see if we can beat it.