No matter what we’re building, there’s always bound to be waste. It would be fairly impossible to complete a construction project without creating any excess materials that need disposing of. The general rule is, the bigger the project, the more waste. However, even with smaller, home renovation projects, it is possible to reduce waste from the process of construction.

Keep it in mind that with all wastage, you also have to pay to dispose of it, so it is worthwhile to try and reduce your wastage as much as possible. There are more costs to getting rid of waste than just hiring a skip, and so it is valuable to try and limit the amount of materials you are throwing away during a home construction project.

Aside from reducing the cost of your local skip hire, you can also try to follow these other tips we’ve put together:

1. Find the Source of the Waste and Identify the Problem

If your construction project is producing a lot of excess materials, rather than merely discarding of it, try to find out where it’s coming from first. Identify which areas of your project are generating the most amounts of waste, and then target that area for a reduction.

Once you know where the most waste is being generated from your construction project, you can try and see exactly why so much is being produced from the area. Once you’ve identified the trouble area, you can try to reduce the amount of waste being haemorrhaged from the area. For example, the solution may be training the staff to be less wasteful, changing suppliers or equipment, or switching to mini skips or other smart disposal services in order to see a reduction in wastage.

2. Create Unique Management Solutions

Every construction project will be different, and this means also creating a specific waste management plan to deal with all the materials. If this plan is not implemented properly, then your home project may produce unnecessary waste. It pays to tailor your plans so that each stage of the construction project is streamlined and efficient. Otherwise, plenty of usable materials may end up getting wasted for no reason.

You should involve yourself in the planning stages as early as possible, working with any contractors you’re hiring to ensure everyone knows what to do and when. That way, you won’t find unnecessary wastage at the wrong stages of the project. A lot of materials get wasted because they’re stored onsite too long. Much better would be to order the products as and when you need them, as well as timely skip hire, and this requires a careful and unique project management plan.

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